Would you...

Would you come back to me tonight,
And not at all move away from my sight.
Would you be there besides me again,
Would you be there to share my pain.
Would you?
Would come and hold me in your arms,
And protect me against all those harms.
Would you again stand by me
Into my eyes would you again see
Would you?
Would you be there once more
To listen to what I had to say
To shuffle your hands through my hair
And in your lap again, 
Would you let me lay
Would you?
I wonder if you would ever
Have that feeling of contrite
And would you come back to me 
To make this world again a delight
I don't know whether saying this
Whether feeling this, I am right
But my hearts still asks 
Would you come back to me tonight,
Would you come back to me tonight.
Would you?

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