I thought of you as I wished to see
You always being right here,
Close, Next to me.
Living without you was hard to think
Being without you 
Oh no! Not for a while that my eye could blink
And I lived in that delusion
Of having your love 
Of having your care
Being a part of you was just a dream
That has now just lost somewhere
Now that you have opened my eyes
After you proved
That your promises were merely lies
That your care was just an illusion
Your care was something
Of which I used to only surmise
Now I stare at this cloudy sky
Where all I can see is vague
Pondering and shedding tears
Over the reasons for your renege
Now that you left me 
And I'm all alone
And I a stay so desperately 
All I can do is moan
Over the false happiness you gave
Which now is simply windblown!!

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