Landed in the wrong world!

How miserable I feel

Landing in this place!

All of its effect can be

Seen on my swollen face.

So mediocre, so unfriendly,

This place is so cold.

I wish I would have landed up in any place

But this part of the world

Hard for me is spending

Each single moment here

All I do each day

Is to sit in the bench and stare.

There's no one to talk to

I have made no friends.

It makes me dumb

In the literal sense.

Wasteful, as my life goes

At this darned school.

The decision of coming here,

Proved that I was a sheer fool.

I sit here, I study – I guess

I watch the passing moments of life

My body is here but not the soul and heart

To get them back, I know I’ve to strive.

The heart that I left
There at my hometown

With my own people, 
My own friends.

And all the memories

Of the wonderful days I spent.

The memories of the time when I lived

When I had a life.

When I was alive. 

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