From what I was,
It got me changed.
I loved myself for for things in me
From myself now, I'm completely estranged.

It shouldn't have happened,
I was sure it won't.
It kills me; don't want to think about it,
No! I really don't.

It was like the Apple, Adam took in the Eden.
He got tempted and ate it straight.
Though Adam knew it was forbidden,
But not how it would change his fate.

I regret! Yes, I regret,
Taking that forbidden fruit.
It could have been touched any time
But, of course, so soon. 

It wasted me,  I know, 
For all the times to come.
But I am glad that I'm capable
To surely, pass this tale to some. 

You might think you're great
To rights your wrongs, you are clever
But few mistakes written on destiny's slate
Are the mistakes too big, forever. 

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