Catching Her

I looked at her from a distance,
Toward the street's bend she ran.
Without a glance at the trodden path,
Without having set any apparent plan.

The pace was fast,
I wished she would stop.
But it hard for anyone to follow;
Even for a horse to gallop.

I was just few meters apart,
But it seemed like a mile.
She held her head high,
Her satisfaction reflected by her smile.

I grabbed her hem, she turned around
I saw her glowing face.
She beamed, said she'd gone too far 
For the path to be retraced. 

In her eyes was the pride
She had for having a soul so chaste
I was disgraced seeing 
Towards being what I had paced. 

As she pulled back her hem
And started to walk once more,
I fell to the ground staring at her,
Being left as a complete heart sore.

Sitting there I am still so shocked,
Longing for her but still aghast;
I wonder how great how pure
Was the Jaasindah in my past. 

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