The 'Novel' Physics Class

I hate Newton - the father of physics
For his his research works,
And the hatred increases by double folds
When my physics teacher looks at a girl and smirks.
Teaching us the capacitors
Repeatedly his eyeglass falls;
If a girl stands for a moment in the class
He’ll push her out and yell that
“This stupid always strolls”.
His bass voice makes me want to puke
His grey beard and hair
Endlessly gives me creeps;
I pretend to be engrossed in the capacitors
Thinking “Reading fiction is a great stress buster
For the half an hour as it blithely sweeps.”

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Drizzling Morning

It drizzled as I got off the bus
In my hand the bag I clenched.
Hurriedly getting on the bridge
Worried, that I’d surely get drenched.

The rain touched my face
And I walked with my head held low.
Huge ripples forming on the green river water
Amazed me as I saw them from the bridge above.

Holding an umbrella, a girl walked a little away
And she sounded like my far off friend.
Another shrieked so loud as if
The world was about to end.

Getting wet in the rain, ahead of me
A guy run his fingers through his gelled hair
Looking at my watch, another school day stared at me
Screaming, the four hour torment was just ten minutes near. 

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