June, 16: Father's Day

It is Father's Day today. June 16 happens to be my Dad's birthday as well. His fifty first birthday.
I remember Father's Day normally falling around his birthday. I always wanted it to be a Sunday on his birthday so that his birthday and the Father's Day would coincide and we could have a great celebration.
Today the Days coincide and I don't have my father around to celebrate with.
Everyone is talking about Fathers today. Everyone is just so happy wishing their Dads. Everyone's thanking their father. It gives me a mushy feeling. I don't know why but it does.
There aren't enough words to thank your parents in this world. There aren't enough gestures to show that you are grateful to them. I think of the story of Shravan Kumar who took his blind parents on a pilgrimage on his shoulders all the way and yet wasn't able to pay them back for all they had done for him in his life. It is very true for everyone of us, of course we barely understand.
I can't do all the thanking I would want to do for what my parents have done for me. But i have enough ways and means to apologise for the wrongs i have done them. For when I would sulk for days ifbi would think I was being nagged at about something. For when I took them for sworn enemies ever ready to take mu freedom away. When I called them over protective and  intolerant when  they would tell me not to be with the people I thought were my friends. When i thought of them being oppressive while they guided me, stopping me from doing things that I loved. For the times I wanted to get away from them as quickly as I could and in all the ways I could, by all the means I could.
You only realise their worth when you don't have them around.
Lets be better sons and daughters and then wish our parents the happy father's or mother's days.

I badly want to yell it out to my parents that I am sorry for the bad daughter I have been. Always.

And yes, also do i want to sing A happy birthday to my dad. 🍰🍰

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