God's Plans

You never know what He has in store for you.
Mevlana said, "The wound is the place where the light enters you."
Mevlana also taught us about patience. He taught us about gratitude.
The more you ponder upon the realities of what the world is like and the more you think about what the great saints have taught us, the more you realise that this world is not arbitrary. It is God everywhere. It is God in everything. It is God's plan. All of it.
And once you have God, do you really need anything else? Never.
Mevlana also taught us to "Live as if the whole universe is rigged in your favour." I think that is something that can build great faith in us. If we think God has rigged it all in our favour, what a bigger trust could we show towards Him, what bigger faith? These words of Mevlana seem to be a higher version of "God will make all right".
I wouldn't deny that God is bestowing me with wounds over and over again. But maybe, he is doing this just so that light enters me and I get closer to him.
Then I think, should I be thankful for falling and failing so many times? Should I be thankful for every wound? No wonder that it bought me closer to God, it told me how helpless I am, and how God is the only help but it has been painful. Then I wonder, has all this pain been worth it? Have I really gained enough? Have I made the best use of my wounds? Or have I after each healing of the wound forgotten to get back to God so he had to givee me newer wounds to bow before him again?
There are so many questions. And when no answers come, I decide that the best thing to do is not to put logic into everything, but to put in faith and say Thank you, God.

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