A Madness of Mad Conciousness

Today, after seeing a friend this evening and driving back home, I was in another world. Getting home on my bed, with a series of uncontrollable thoughts running through my head, I closed my eyes. Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan's one super amazing song blaring into my eardrums, one thought drove through the next and I ended thinking something (I don't remember what it was) about my cell phone and it had me thinking about my contacts and WhatsApp, its privacy settings and then I thought about this friend who I just removed from my Contacts after a friendship of years together. I wondered if he'd be able to see something if I put it up on the profile. I know it sounds like  very drab stream of consciousness thingy but trust me it seemed quite thinkable when I was thinking it. And that's how our thoughts are generally, who re we kidding? So, I think an average person's stream of consciousness is about such trivially trivial matters most of the time. 

Anyway, to cut a long story short, because I m not quite able to make very good flowery sentences right now, I'll tell you what a wonderful thought I had thinking all this phone-y stuff. It was that how wonderful life could be if our memory was just like the cell phone memory. I mean, you have this friend, you have a fight with him, you used to talk with him over WhatsApp which was your only frequent medium of contact, you go to your phone and delete that contact from your contacts and poof! that person is gone from your phone forever (unless of course you add them back). Your phone doesn't recognise them. They are anonymous to your phone. Never seen of the number, never heard of it. Entirely a stranger. Your phone is clear of all the memories. All of them. The person is gone from your phone's universe. All it takes is a delete option and OK.

However, it doesn't mean that you are gone from theirs. you are still there in their universe ( read: WhatsApp favourites list), just blank. and unavailable and silent (read: stonewalling them)

I wish it was the same with life. You press delete and they're gone from your universe. You have no memories of them and they're gone as if they never were. However, you stay right in theirs. Blank, quiet, and unavailable. A face behind the veil. How great would it be?

Okay, it doesn't sound very smart or extraordinary right now but trust me it sounded like I had theorised something like Socrates would have, when I was thinking of this analogy. It sounds a little drab right now, but it wouldn't if you thought like I did. 

Nevertheless, as I write it right now, I get struck about another thing. Doesn't this happen in our lives already? Somebody just throws you off their memory, just like that. There is an automatic delete button, albeit a little delayed than the quickness of our phones. It deletes everything, too. 

And it isn't necessary that it has to be you who is in someone's universe without them being in yours. It could be the other way round too. It might be them who stay in your universe, unavailable and blank while you are already gone from theirs. They could be the ones to press delete. And they might be quicker than you. Voluntarily. 

PS: Well, if this sounds some real rambling, ignore it. It was written out of utter madness. 

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