Simple Complexity

I met this friend of mine today who wants everything to be back the way it was months ago between us. I tried to tell him that one cannot turn back the time just like that, but he wouldn't quite understand.
Later I thought about his pleas. And i reckon that even if I forget everything and be back to what we were, he would be the one who wouldn't be able to give us back what we had. How do I know? Because i do. I have that feeling and I have enough of experience to judge that as well.
People are all temporary. At least with me, everyone had been so. And I accept this as the Gospel of my life now. They've always been temporary and they will be temporary always. No exceptions.
And it's okay. People change. But you get to choose what your standards will be. If you will fall below your dignity to hold your relationships together or let them be naturally and be laid back.
I've been a person of the former kind who's turning into the latter. No bullshit from anyone anymore. Life's too complicated and beautiful for that. I dont want to lose the beauty anymore for anyone.
But you know, you sometimes wish that life was just so simple and we could keep feelings in air tight compartments without letting them mix. Life is a huge compartment with percolating smaller compartments and everything gets mixed into the other. You live multiple and many times contradictory feelings. Dilemmas all over.
I remember my teacher telling me "Life is Simpli-complex." And so it is.

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