Catching Her

I looked at her from a distance,
Toward the street's bend she ran.
Without a glance at the trodden path,
Without having set any apparent plan.

The pace was fast,
I wished she would stop.
But it hard for anyone to follow;
Even for a horse to gallop.

I was just few meters apart,
But it seemed like a mile.
She held her head high,
Her satisfaction reflected by her smile.

I grabbed her hem, she turned around
I saw her glowing face.
She beamed, said she'd gone too far 
For the path to be retraced. 

In her eyes was the pride
She had for having a soul so chaste
I was disgraced seeing 
Towards being what I had paced. 

As she pulled back her hem
And started to walk once more,
I fell to the ground staring at her,
Being left as a complete heart sore.

Sitting there I am still so shocked,
Longing for her but still aghast;
I wonder how great how pure
Was the Jaasindah in my past. 

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From what I was,
It got me changed.
I loved myself for for things in me
From myself now, I'm completely estranged.

It shouldn't have happened,
I was sure it won't.
It kills me; don't want to think about it,
No! I really don't.

It was like the Apple, Adam took in the Eden.
He got tempted and ate it straight.
Though Adam knew it was forbidden,
But not how it would change his fate.

I regret! Yes, I regret,
Taking that forbidden fruit.
It could have been touched any time
But, of course, so soon. 

It wasted me,  I know, 
For all the times to come.
But I am glad that I'm capable
To surely, pass this tale to some. 

You might think you're great
To rights your wrongs, you are clever
But few mistakes written on destiny's slate
Are the mistakes too big, forever. 

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Landed in the wrong world!

How miserable I feel

Landing in this place!

All of its effect can be

Seen on my swollen face.

So mediocre, so unfriendly,

This place is so cold.

I wish I would have landed up in any place

But this part of the world

Hard for me is spending

Each single moment here

All I do each day

Is to sit in the bench and stare.

There's no one to talk to

I have made no friends.

It makes me dumb

In the literal sense.

Wasteful, as my life goes

At this darned school.

The decision of coming here,

Proved that I was a sheer fool.

I sit here, I study – I guess

I watch the passing moments of life

My body is here but not the soul and heart

To get them back, I know I’ve to strive.

The heart that I left
There at my hometown

With my own people, 
My own friends.

And all the memories

Of the wonderful days I spent.

The memories of the time when I lived

When I had a life.

When I was alive. 

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