How it rained on me

I still remember
That scary day
When I chose that uneven way
I knew I could do it
I knew I should
I needed not worry about anything
If besides me
Always you stood
I knew it could ruin my life
But not at all was i scared
To do that was necessary for me
For I wanted to prove
That I actually cared
But as the time to do it came
And i was to make that final decision
Unexpectedly, somehow, someway
It ended up in a huge confusion
Never knew that on me
Something would cast such a severe blight
For I didnt know if that right turn
Was wrong or was it actually right.
Now I thought that I was wrong
And i felt really shocked and scared
I forgot all the words I uttered
I forgot all the promises I made
I knew I was selfish
And should definitely be doubted
You're not sincere
You're not genuine
Over me
The raged sky shouted
But later again
My opinion changed
As i walked through the busy road
All the way back to my abode
With heavily burdened heart
On the street i strode
I felt too numb
I began to cry
Because to you I didnt want to lie
And then suddenly it started to rain
I kept on slouching
And crying in pain
And everyone else in that rain
Being drenched I could see
But i very well remember
How on that cursed day
It rained on me

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My Mum

She held my hand

When I couldnt stand upright
For my well being
With the whole world
She picked a fight
She was oppresed all those days
But to care for me
She still found some weary ways
She wept my tears
Whenever I wept
And remained awake
As I slept
She kapt me safe away from harms
My soul relieved
When she held me in her arms
She was so dear
She was so true
Her love was old
But still it's new
Whatever I do
Where ever I stand
I could have been this
Had she not held
That tiny meek hand

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